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Help make Plzcome Awesome

Here is the best way to help:


1. Install the Plzcome app (Use links below)

2. Sign in with a real email and phone number

3. Just try it out...


Plzcome needs your help!


As you might know, Plzcome is an entirely new Party Planner app, that aims to put a lot more awesomeness into the event planning process. And that goes for everyone involved in and around the party activities. It should be fun, easy and fast to plan and execute memorable parties and special events.


It will take many tries and a lot of help to make this happen and this is where you come in. For Plzcome to become fun, easy and fast to you, we need to hear about your experience with the party planner app.




When you feel familiar with Plzcome, then don't forget the most important step. Plz take the below survey and tell us about you experience. 





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