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Join forces with Plzcome

Looking for ways to boost your great products or services to social party people? 

As a partner to Plzcome you will get preferred access to large groups of relevant customers - our users. If you are a supplier of products or services to private events (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.) chances are you struggle to be relevant to the right people at the right moment.


Our mission is to offer our users unique and relevant offers that will make their event even better - because they are Plzcome users. Plzcome offers you a unique sales channel from where the customers comes to you, rather than you trying to figure out who your next customers will be.

Our focus is to build strategic partner alliances in which we can develop tailor-made solutions and offers to our users. For everyone of our partners - large or small - we will make sure our users get relevant and rewarding offers from you.

THEME: Product focus and dialog with customers

Plzcome is all about getting people to meet socially and through our partnership we wish to see our products take the center stage at the party.


We see a long term unique opportunity to get a lot of valuable data back from Plzcome.


Royal Unibrew,

Kasper Ryttersgaard Jacobsen, 

Commercial Director

Our Plzcome partner engagement models are:

Strategic partner with tailor-made features and long term engagement. Strategic partners also enjoys preference in their category and some extent of exclusivity. As a strategic partner we can become part of your digital strategy and develop features and offers that suits your overall strategy. Examples of categories are: Catering, rentals, wine, cocktail services, tickets, send flowers, dresses, gift boxes, decorations, beverages, live party music, and many more.

Priority partner with some preferred access to the sales channel, special Plzcome offers and services. We expect you to be actively involved in maximising your presence on our platform and we will help you develop the right offers to our users. You can also count on targeted exposure in emails, sms and on our website.

Supplier partner with relevant products and services for private events. You will be exposed in the relevant categories and themes.

Regardless of which type of partner you choose to become we will guarantee that we will do our best to make sure that our partnership is rewarding for both you and our users. We will never spam our users with random messages or offers. Key to our common success is to target relevant users with relevant offers at the right time. We are really looking forward to welcoming you on board this journey.

All our partners pay a small entry fee. This fee covers the cost we have for setting up the company on our platform.
As a priority or strategic partner you will also pay a monthly fee depending on the size of your engagement and visibility.

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From digital to physical

Social media is ideal to keep in touch with our friends and family. But lets not just stay as digital friends – let’s meet and train our social muscle. The Plzcome app is born to bring people together, which is healthy for the soul – and fun!

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