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Who we are

We believe in social meetings

  • We are social humans. As personality types we are extrovert and prefer "face2face" rather than "screen2screen" contact. 

  • We love having fun with other people. With Plzcome we would like to make it even easier to have fun and see people in the real world. We believe that we are as people are the most! 

  • We recognize that some people are less likely to invite and host. But we all need to be invited from time to time, and get a chance to share moments.

The team behind Plzcome

  • We are global individuals. We are 10+ Danes and Indians with an international outlook, who meet in the world language English and party planning. We are still looking for good people to represent new countries and languages! 

  • We have high spirit and great knowledge and plenty of good energy. 

  • We are innovative and open-minded. Our attitude towards other people is open and positive - also when our own ideas are challenged! 

From digital to physical

Social media is ideal to keep in touch with our friends and family. But lets not just stay as digital friends – let’s meet and train our social muscle. The Plzcome app is born to bring people together, which is healthy for the soul – and fun!

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