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At Plzcome, 2 + 2 adds up to something completely different

One of our greatest aspirations is to help social communities. We insist in undertaking social responsibility. We do this, among other things, by returning a lot to our community and to those who need a helping hand.
Therefore, as one of our first initiatives we introduced our very own 2 + 2 programme. Simply put, 4% of all revenue coming in to Plzcome is earmarked and goes straight out of the system. Here is how.

2 + 2 = A better world

The Plzcome community

2% is reinvested back to the Plzcome community in the form of gifts, prizes or other party boosting activities.
This means that each month we will enrich some of the many celebrations and gatherings that are organised through Plzcome, with surprises that can help make the party extra juicy and fun. It could be a party bus, a festive touch, extra food and drink, decoration and dress, or something completely different.
All gifts and activities will be drawn each month from the Plzcome community and be totally free to receive.

Everyone deserves a chance

Another 2% goes directly to socially responsible purposes, more specifically to children and adolescents in need of help. In Denmark, we support Børns Vilkår (Children’s Conditions) and SOS Børnebyerne (SOS Children's Villages).
We see it as a duty and pleasure to be able to return part of all the good we build to vulnerable groups. Children and young people's living conditions have a special big place in our hearts and therefore it is a natural choice. We will continuously report on the results of our social efforts.


Plzcome is a community of happy party-goers and an app and web service that supports the fun party. In our community we also have the right business partners who offer exactly what it takes to make the party extra crisp. At the same time, we are proud to be able to use the Plzcome community to give back a lot. So even though Plzcome, like any other start-up, needs every penny that can be scooped up, we have chosen to launch the 2 + 2 program from the first traded dime.

For us it is important that our community, with our partners, knows what we stand for and thereby can decide whether they want to participate in the "fight". Whether it is to enjoy more, and more fun, social events or to take part in social responsibility too, we can hardly wait to see what it brings. And precisely your contribution is important - every time.

How does it work?


The answer is - quite simple. If you find inspiration or a good offer and want to take a purchase, we have made sure that we can follow that the purchase come through Plzcome. When you use the links we have set up in the Plzcome app or on we will receive a percentage of the sale. In this way we can be sure that the 2 + 2 program will benefit from all your purchases.


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