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Want to impress your guests with unique quality beer or cocktails? To Øl offer both beer (30 l) and cocktails (20 l) in kegs (fustager). If you order through Plzcome you will get the tap system for free (normally 500,-/day/event).

To Øl is a young Danish gypsy brewery commercially founded in 2010. Ever since To Øl has kept a leading role in the worldwide craft beer revolution, making brews that push the boundaries of beer.


We have produced more than 500 different beers over the years and are currently exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide.


With a mix of sheer passion and modern brewing techniques, we are able to produce a wide range of elegant and sophisticated cocktails for kegs, resulting in a drink that can be served consistently time and time again. We create the drinks in a large quantity, and carefully adjust them so they can be served from a keg, exactly like you’d do with draft beer, so we can ensure a stable, high quality drink every time. 
All products come in 20 litre KeyKegs. Simply connect the coupler and the cocktails can be poured for up to four week after the coupler is connected.




In collaboration with our business partner TO ØL, we have developed a digital beer tasting around the To Øl Taste Box. The digital tasting gives you - and friends - the opportunity to host your own tasting at any time of your choosing. 

Throughout the tasting you will be rating beers, quizzing facts, and get a general introduction to To Øl. 

To host your own beer tasting you need to download the free app Plzcome Party Planner. You can easily plan the beer tasting and at the same time invite your guests. You can send your invitations via SMS, email, or most social media and thereby give direct access to the tasting. Your guests do not have to use the app to be invited or to take part in the event.

Ordering via this link will provide you a 20% discount code.

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Grape Spritzer


Home made Italian Cicchetti Bitter, red wine-grape and a splash of rhubarb juice. 
The home made Italian Cicchetti Bitter is made with loads of herbs. We added fruit juices, sugars and spices. Serve with a slice of red grape fruit. 

20l kegs DKK



Gin & Tonic


Ready-to-pour Gin & Tonic (Contains Quinine)
Everything made from scratch; Gently infused organic wheat spirit with loads of juniper, citrus zest various common gin spices and cucumber peel. Top it with a slice of cucumber.

20l kegs DKK



Session Raid - Lager 


Hoppy, Light and pilsneresque

30l kegs DKK



Ned Stark & Dorky


Rum, Ginger and lime juice. This is our take on the Dark & Stormy with an extra kick from the ginger. Top it with a lime wedge. 

20l kegs DKK



Ginger Mojito


Buena Vista Social Club, Classic Cars, Che Guevara and of course the Mojito. 
The cubans really know how to keep things interesting and this cocktail is not exception.
Lime, Sugar, mint high quality Rum and a hint of Ginger. We recommend going a little crazy with the mint leaves for add’ed jazz. 

20l kegs DKK



A Peeling Pale


A citrusy pale ale with warm orange peel and loads of citra hops

30l kegs DKK



Rhubarb Crush


Vodka, rhubarb juice, lemon peel, cacao nibs and orange. A well balanced and highly crushable drink with spiced vodka and rich rhubarb flavor. Serve with a lemon wedge.

20l kegs DKK



White Russian


A White Russian that’s all about the base. Using real vanilla, stout instead of Kahlua, organic wheat spirit distilled beyond belief and a whole mix of other delicious spices culminates to a delicious dark blend of deliciousness. For the white part of the Russian, simply top with cream, stand back and admire your godly creation.

20l kegs DKK



Session Reparationsbajer


Gluten-free American Pale Ale.

Reparationsbajer is now also available for less intense headaches in this low-abv version. Still gluten-free. 

30l kegs DKK


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