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Save the Party

Plzcome have been taking some big punches for the team

When we started Plzcome, it was with the sole purpose of creating a totally free app that would help amateur party planners organise tons of awesome private events. 
So when Covid-19 suddenly showed up uninvited, we knew this would hit our community hard, but we never expected it to shut down almost all parties around the whole world... 

We decided to take the fight and let Plzcome be a weapon against the deadly virus!

With Plzcome being used to bring lots of people together, in a time where it in most cases could be a health risk for our users to meet up, we had to choose how we would move forward with the project. Should we close the app, until it again is safe to meet up? Or should carry on as usual and let it be up to everyone to fight the deadly virus within their own parties?

As many of you already know, we took a different approach. We decided to use Plzcome as a tool to keep everyone informed about the virus and keep it from spreading through Plzcome organised parties. We provided every party planner and party-goer with tips, tricks, info and recommendations on how to meet up in these crazy times and in most cases that meant we basically recommended people to wait with the party until the situation betters. 

We are happy to say our messages and recommendations were received loud and clear, and best of all, fully understood by all of you fantastic users, who we just can't thank enough for understanding our stands.

But did we end up killing Plzcome as well?

The answer is unfortunately yes... Just before Covid-19 hit, Plzcome helped to plan thousands of private parties all over the world each month, where we now only help plan a handful on bad days day. 
Even though Plzcome is privately funded by ourselves, we did depend on our business partners to provide us with enough income to keep Plzcome fully free to use for everyone. But our decision to actively suggest users not to have parties meant saying goodbye to all our partners. 
A few of them did not like the way we stood up to fight the virus, but most of them just got discouraged by our huge loss of planned parties and the bleak future prospect of our small start-up company in a global pandemic. Well, the last point we totally understood.

Will Plzcome shutdown? Is it then just another dead service? Will it cost money to use? 

The very clear answers are NO, NO and a big NO! 
It was very clear to us before Covid-19 hit, that a lot of you really enjoyed our service, both as a party planner and an invitee to a Plzcome party and as we are beginning to see improvement in many places around the world, we firmly believe that Plzcome has an equally important role in bringing the private parties back!

Now we ask for your help getting Plzcome back on track

So what do we need to keep Plzcome going? Basically what we need is a little time and money to keep the Plzcome platform running and up to date with current apple and google requirements.
With all our costs cut to an absolutely minimal, every $50 raised will buy Plzcome another day of running smoothly on all platforms. 

To help secure the funding we need to keep going, we have set up a simple webshop.

Help us now and be forever written into the history of Plzcome

There are two simple ways to help us, get back on track.

1) Buy something from our overpriced store :-) Each dollar you spend will make a difference. And you can actually buy yourself into the history of Plzcome.

2) Do you have as little as Plzcome or rather use your hard-earned money on something closer to your heart, then we really understand. But you can still help us out just as much, either by giving us a good rating on the app stores or just use Plzcome to plan your next party when it is again safe in your area.

Thank you for all your fantastic support

As you have made it all the way down here, we just won’t say a big "Thank You!" to you. Thank you for taking the time to read about our hard 14 months. If you are a Plzcome user, then don't give up on us and together we will bring back the party! 

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