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Are you our new Country Hub?

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Join the Global Plzcome community

Ready for a new awesome challenge? We are looking for Plzcome Hub partners around the world who wish to share our vision of facilitating social events while also building a solid business. Millions of people of all ages meet up around the world every day to share moments and good times. Also in your country!

We have embarked on a journey to build an international network of Plzcome communities where we can share our experiences, grow businesses and have fun. We constantly scout for new partners who has the will and capability to become a Plzcome Hub. 

2 + 2 = A better world


What is a Plzcome Hub partner

As a Plzcome Hub partner you are the driver of the Plzcome Hub in your country and take on the responsibility of running and developing the Plzcome service on your home turf. You can run the community and service by yourself or you can add regional partners if you believe that is a relevant setup.

As a Plzcome Hub you become part of the international Plzcome community where we develop new features and business together. The Plzcome service and business will develop differently in each country, but we will have a lot in common and lots to share.

A Plzcome Hub partner loves parties and social gatherings and our users, the Plzcomers, must feel and experience that we care for them and their party. Plzcome Hubs come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Often you will have experience running similar platforms or be engaged in organising and promoting social events. You may even have experience with growing business from digital platforms or services. 

How we will help you to be successful

We have spent early mornings and late evenings - and what is in-between - to develop the platform and digital service. We are still in the early days and the platform keeps expanding with new awesome features. Often sparked by our users’ ideas and suggestions.


You will have full access to the platform and influence how it should run in your country. We also made it easy and quick to get the service out in your preferred language with the right tone of voice.


We will help you getting started with the Plzcome business. There are a number of interesting ways to make this your preferred business. The stronger your exposure and presence is the more users you will attract and that will lead to developing a solid commercial universe with national and local suppliers. We are establishing an ecommerce platform and other commercial services that will make it easy for your suppliers to offer just the right products and services to your Plzcome users at the right time.

What is a Plzcome Hub partner

We expect you to have fun while spreading the Plzcome service and building Plzcome communities. Plzcome is an active and dynamic app service that we need to develop all the time and we expect your involvement.

Your prime task is to attract users to the platform and make them happy. You will be responsible for developing the business in your country or with partners that you engage. That means to identify, engage and maintain the right suppliers for our users within the many universes that we are building.

This also means that you make the commitment to invest the resources that is needed to get the business up and running. It does not involve a fortune of money but rather dedicated work from skilled people. We are a responsible company that cares about people and our common future. So that’s just a basic part of being in the Plzcome community and helps navigate the business in the right direction. Business with a mindset, so to speak.

This could be me!

If you now think: “Hey, wait a minute - this could be me!”, then send us a few words on who you are and why you could be our new valued Plzcome Hub partner. Then we will ship all the relevant information to you to consider. Best is to use the form below, but you can also ping Steffen on We really hope to hear from you!


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