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The story about an app called Plzcome 

By Kim Parsholt Rasmussen



Don’t you just hate it when you are looking for help with something and even though many products may claim to be able to help you, none do the job as you want it? No?

Well, I do... with every fibre of my body actually. And if you like me just can't let it go, then you more or less only have two choices if you want to keep your sanity. Keep searching for a better solution or make one yourself.

plzcome element.png



I have always loved to get my best friends and family together for parties or social events but equally hated to plan and execute them. Getting everybody and everything together, at the right time and place can really prove to be a torment.

Hence I have searched high and low for something that could help ease my distress and I can tell you a found a lot... a lot of people, with the same problems as me, in the same search for help throwing an awesome party in an easy way.

Even though I did come about some solutions that could help small parts of the bigger hassle, most of the offers did just the opposite while releasing me of hard earned money. My sanity was challenged and "keep searching" was not doing the usual trick.



I, therefore, decided to active my unique skill set as a spare time entrepreneur (#SpareTimeEntrepreneur if you ever were one).

I then gathered all my problems and hassles around setting up or going to a get-together and piled them up beside all the troubles I had heard others have.

At that point, I assembled a team of the best and brightest minds in my network (probably the world) and we got cracking on solutions for all problems. After only a few months I was proud to say that we did it! We succeed in finding many simple, but fantastic, solutions to the worse hassles.

The main vision was organized around a new mobile app we called Plzcome, that would end up doing small wonders for both the party planners and the party goers.  

All we now had to do, was to find a good technology partner and get this night-life changing app build. This could not go wrong. The world, and more importantly, I would soon have the solution to all party planning problems in my hand and my sanity restored.



Yes, you guessed it, we failed big time. The noble vision became a sea of blood, sweat and tears and nothing to show for it. I could write a Shakespeare play on how and why we failed in this phase, but that would not change the past. Status was that we were down and out, with nothing more to give.

But again I found my sanity challenged and refused to give up. I made it my mission in life to get this Plzcome app ready and tried a ton of other approaches... even building it myself. #KnowYourLimits



Quite some time went by and one day I found myself talking with Rajeev, a friend and former business partner, who asked me about the Plzcome project. I shared the status and ended with concluding that, if we just had done things differently in the development phase, then the world would now have been a better place.

He then asked me if I was ready for another round of blood, sweat and tears because he knew some hardcore/no bullshit developers that just might be able to help get Plzcome build.


Long story short, my friend Rajeev and I got to meet KP Senthil and his brother Prem from SeaAnt Web Technologies Ltd and after a short but intense period of hard work, we had Plzcome in the first release on both Android and iPhone. Sanity restored!



This might sound like the end of the Plzcome story, but we are far from it.

The full vision of what Plzcome could become is just beginning to show itself and right now Plzcome is drowning in a sea of over 5 million other apps. How do we get Plzcome in the hands of party planners that might like and use it?

To accomplish that we would need truckloads of help... more precisely we would need a whole army.

To be continued

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