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About us

Our beliefs, vision and values

"Thumbs up" - or a blow on your shoulder?


Social media is ideal to keep in touch with other people. But we become strangers and do not train our social muscle when we only have social contact behind the screen. The Plzcome app is born to bring people together, which is healthy for the soul!

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When 1 + 1 is more than 3


It is not an advantage to collect to your own store. Plzcome Community is based on the conviction that when we share good experiences, good ideas, we all achieve more. It is proven - not up for discussion!

Control the pieces


With a smartphone in hand and the Plzcome app installed you have an ingenious tool at your fingertips. Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can contact and chat with all the guests and have access to the Plzcome community's many benefits. No paper stick gets lost!


Universal needs


We believe - and have already been confirmed in - that Plzcome meets human needs across cultures and geography. Today, Plzcome is already downloaded in 120 countries and used by more than 25,000 users worldwide - for example in Denmark, India, Pakistan, US,  etc.

The face of the company


Even though Plzcome is an app company, we think it's important for you to know the faces behind the company. You will meet us both online, but also in real life e.g. when we arrange events you can participate in.

Mutual happiness


We give and receive when we meet in real life. Likewise, Plzcome will contribute financially to social projects targeted children, because it makes good to give and please others whenever possible. 

Who are we


  • We are social animals. As personality types, we are extrovert and prefer "face2face" rather than "screen2screen" contact.


  • We love having fun with other people. With Plzcome we would like to make it even easier to have fun and see people in the real world. We believe that we are as people are the most!


  • We recognize that some people are more introvert. Also, introvert personality types may become lonely and need help to be more social.



Team Plzcome


  • We are global individuals. We are 10 Danes and Indians with an international outlook, who meet in the world language English.


  • We have a high spirit and great knowledge and plenty of good energy.


  • We are innovative and open minded. Our attitude towards other people is open and positive - even when our own ideas and own knowledge are challenged! 



Core team



Kim Parsholt Rasmussen, Founder & CEO

If you take a fair amount of tech schooling and mash it with years of online sales and marketing, then you have a good foundation to build a Kim. 

If you then add on some strong agile leadership and a huge entrepreneur heart, that beats for making a difference in the world, then you might have enough for a clone... side effects included :-)

Lone Tjustrup Olufsen, Partner, MarCom. & Partnerships
Creating value to people is at the core of what Lone is passionate about. All marketing and communications activities therefore starts with understanding different kind of people’s needs, values and convictions. One of her favorite tools is to never stop asking WHY! The rights answers - e.g. in communication, solutions, services and apps - can make a huge difference in people’s lives - which is a great pleasure ;-)

Lars Orlamundt: Partner, Sales & Partnerships

Businessman, entrepreneur and leader with many years of experience in creating business in connection with events and parties in all scales. Lars has a commercial dogma: It must create value for both customer, partner and the Plzcome Community. Always check for why it is relevant to the customer. Lars has another dogma: 70 percent of what he is doing has to be fun and make a difference - otherwise he will be really lazy!

Steffen F. Thomsen: Partner, International Sales & Partnerships

Steffen has spent a few decades on the global track helping Danish and international start-ups and partnerships get rooted and grow in sometimes odd places. ITC outsourcing business is definitely one of his favourite ventures and Latin America was his home turf for many years. But hey – the world is big and new opportunities around the corner.

Stig Andersen: Partner, Technology

Stig is a “Tech nerd” with a heart for communications, users and business development. He has 25 + years of experience - from technician, operations and datacenter, over education and certification, huge projects in global companies, to small scale development projects with offshore teams, and consulting all kind of different teams.

The Plzcome platform for organizing people get together is a service that is making Stig tick; listening to clients and people about their perspective, and finding the core of their needs - is essential!


Company facts


  • Plzcome is the name of Plzcome app & community, owned by the Danish company NxtOFF with company registration no: 27542689.

    Plzcome’s visit address: Måløv Byvej 229, DK-2760 Måløv, Denmark.

Contact us


  • We would love to hear from you - either questions about the company or comments to Plzcome App & Community. Contact us at

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